Debate - What Makes a Holiday Movie? - I’m Having a Conversation in My Head

The Unabridged debate over what makes a holiday movie gets a little contentious as Jen and Sara face off (primarily) about Love Actually. Poor Ashley serves as moderator (sorry, Ashley!).

What do YOU think makes a Christmas movie? Does it have to be ABOUT Christmas, or is it enough to be set during the holiday season? Let us know what you think @unabridgedpod!


movie mentions

*Love Actually


*Christmas with the Kranks

*Deck the Halls

*Jingle All the Way

*Notting Hill

*The Polar Express

*The Family Stone

*Christmas Shoes


other mentions

*The Popcast 

*The Atlantic articles on Love Actually 

--> ​From 2004 - The Movie Review: 'Love Actually'

--> From 2013 - I Will Not Be Ashamed of Loving Love Actually / Love Actually Is the Least Romantic Film of All Time / Love Actually: Still Awful


give me one - a toy you loved when you were a kid

*Jen's pick - Barbies (organized by name and age) 

*Sara's pick - Roller Skates

*Ashley's pick - my teddy bear Fuzzy


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