Walking Around in Our Pajamas: Laurie Frankel’s THIS IS HOW IT ALWAYS IS (Book Club)

Spoilers are inevitable throughout our discussion, so consider whether or not to listen if you haven't yet read the book!


*Introduction and Summary of the Book: 0:00-0:34

*Main Discussion: 0:35-25:23

*​Book Pairings: 25:31-35:15

*Classroom Connections: 35:16-41:22

book pairings & other connections

*Jen - R. J. Palacio's Wonder

*Ashley - David Levithan's Every Day

*Sara - John Green and David Levithan's Will Grayson, Will Grayson

*Jenni - Monica McInerny's Hello from the Gillespies

*Check out this great NPR article with Laurie Frankel

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