Holiday Wrap Up 2019 - 3 Favorites from the Year

In this special holiday episode, we're wrapping up 2019 with 3 recent favorites. Stay tuned next week for our 2019 Unabridged Awards!

How would you wrap up YOUR year? What are some of your 2019 favorites? Let us know on social media!



Click the episode title to access show notes:

*Introduction (0:00 - 2:01)

*Episode 87, "Get to Know the Hosts" (002:10 - 28:00)

*Episode 86, "Favorite Audiobooks" (28:10 - 50:11)

*Episode 91, "Book and Song Pairings" (50:22 - 72:13)

*Give Me One (72:23 - end)


give me one - favorite pizza topping

*Ashley - Bacon

*Jen - Ham and Pineapple

*Sara - Extra Cheese


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